Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Koh Lantaaaaaaa!

Getting from Chiang Mai to Koh Lanta, we had to stay a night in Phuket and the less we say about that place the better. Its a noisy, classless den full of noisy classless people. We were glad to get the hell outta there the next morning, boarding a ferry that took us to Koh Lanta via Krabi.

Koh Lanta is the next big island along from Koh Phi Phi but much more relaxed. Dave visited here in 2006 and while the mostly Muslim local communities have kept development in check, the roads have now been paved and there are a lot more 7 Elevens! We checked into the Lanta Mermaid Boutique Hotel for a little slice of luxury at the end of our backpacking sojourn and watched another amazing sunset on Klong Dao beach as locals fished good sized clams out of the sand for their dinner.

The next day, Dave reacquainted himself with scuba diving, having first learnt to do it on Koh Lanta four years ago. Completing two dives out at Koh Ha, he shared the water with lots of big squid, gropers, angel fish as well as a good sized octopus sliding his away across the ocean floor. There were tall towers of bright coral, some like brilliant pearls, electric blue starfish and even an underwater cave where Dave surfaced in.

Libby spent the day sunning on the beach, working on her tan but upped the ante the next day with a one-on-one yoga class, completed as the sun was going down at the beach. Very impressive.

Dave completed another dive a few days later, much deeper this time, at Hin Mueng (purple rock) and Hin Duang (red rock) - two underwater cliff formations covered in purple and red coral. The first dive at Hin Mueng was full of huge giant moral eels, trumpet fish, rainbow runners and trigger fish, one particular fellow taking a dislike to Dave and attacking his fin! There were gorgeous juvenile emperor angle fish at Hin Duang, as well as fluorescent wort slugs, orange spined unicorn fish as well as bird wrasse attacking a poor little jelly fish at the surface. So much to see.

As if the island surrounds were not enough, the people on Koh Lanta make it unforgettable. The family who run the Lanta Mermaid Hotel were brilliant and even the tuktuk driver we befriended, Mr Ivory, offered us 50% off at his (yet to be opened) restaurant if we returned to Koh Lanta, AND our unborn children would eat for free! We must add that Mr Ivory had a vision we would have 5 babies!!!! YES 5!! and the first one should be named Robin - the first one will be a boy said Mr Ivory. He also said one of the girls should be called Diana! Mr Ivory was slightly insane, but very funny all the same.

Poor Mr Ivory. If our children are born with Davey-Two-Meals genes, they are going to put him and his restaurant out of business!

Mr and Mrs T xx

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