Sunday, 26 April 2009

And so it begins....

It will sound cliched but we really did enjoy a perfect day for our wedding.

Yes the weather was spot on and everything ran like clockwork and even Rex the Town Crier found a few extra decibels to announce our union but best of all, we enjoyed our day with the very best family and friends in the world and that brought a special energy that we will never forget. Thank you, thank you!

And so that we can keep feeding off that special energy, we've started this little blog for our big honeymoon to let you know where we are and what we're up to round the world. By now you are probably sick of hearing about our trip but just so you have a little outline from the start, we are planning to hit:

28 April to 24 July - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile

24 July to 22 August - New Zealand

22 August to 3 October - Australia

3 October to 17 December - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand

If you or your friends are in any of these countries during the same bits of 2009 we are there, drop us a line and hopefully we can meet up for a small beer and good chat.

But first up, it's a fortnight or so in Buenos Aires for the 'proper' honeymoon bit, where Dave gets to carry Libby over the threshold again and we get treated to lovely bits like a wine tasting night, dinner in a 'closed door' restaurant, a vintage shopping and photography tour and Spanish lessons (all thanks to our lovely friends - you know who you are!)

So stay tuned for updates, photos and plenty of silly stories as we saunter our way around the world on Mr and Mrs T's Most Excellent Adventure!

Mr and Mrs T x